Total Eclipse

On  AUGUST 21, 2017, Eclipse Enthusiasts had a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT

Latitude 44.625 Longitude 123.2062 W

Path of the Eclipse

Our guests had the opportunity to view darkness in the day while having entertainment and refreshments that put the exclamation point on the day! Many thanks to Daniel A. Steck for the following photos of the totality as seen in Corvallis with Lee and Linda.

eclipse totality Corvallis

According to the local astronomy club, “this location has a completely unobstructed view of the entire eclipse path! And, the beautiful local trees and flowers are well placed to be used for stunning foregrounds.” For  1 minute 49.4 seconds of totality we enjoyed the experienced of a lifetime!

eclipse totality corvallis

The start of the eclipse from this site was 9:05:00am and end of the eclipse was at 11:37:31am. Fun and celebration surrounded this breathtaking event with a fantastic view and all of the components to make it a party worthy of totality.

eclipse totality corvallis

This private 4 acre country setting offered an unobscured viewing of the eclipse with no city lights to affect photography of it.   Our guests has plenty of room to choose their own ideal place to set up telescopes, cameras and chairs to view this once in a lifetime event.

eclipse totality corvallis

So they came and enjoyed the day, their life, and the universe at the Powell home. There were so many wonderful details to this event and location that a we couldn’t list them on this page.  So, scroll down or click here to read about everything that was included.

Afterwards, Play Bocce Ball, Eat, Drink, Dance and be Merry!

This private oasis was never before been available to the public.  The owners shared their beautiful and ideal setting for the total solar eclipse with their lucky quests to view history and celebrated with food, music, dancing, yard games, and a bocce tournament.

All of the quests attending had a wonderful time. Many took the time to send their thanks click here to read how much fun they had.

Many thanks to these local business who helped make this event a success:

Drink Coffee Culture of Corvallis while viewing eclipseCoffee Culture will provide a specialty brewed coffee will be brewed on site at 6:30am


Gift of coffee from Holderness Coffee Roasters after viewing eclipseHolderness Coffee Rosters in conjunction with Coffee Culture bag of Eclipse Coffee beans


Corvallis First Alternative natural ingredients before viewing eclipseA continental breakfast will be provided only the finest ingredients including blueberry muffins, and pumpkin bread from scratch.

Catered lunch (please provide any allergy’s or food restrictions with your payment).

Drink special eclipse brew from Mazama Brewing company


Eclipse memorabilia including an exclusive commemorative bottle of Mazama Eclipse brewed beer, Eclipse etched wine glasses, and 2 free beverages (Mazama Brewery will have a special beer created for the party).



Wine by Airlie Winery. We now have a new addition! Wow this event just keeps getting better! We are blessed to be in the middle of some of the best wine country in the world.


Vivacity Fine Spirits a local Corvallis small batch distillery will provide a special concoction just for this event!

Bocce Ball Tournament on official sized bocce court with a gift basket for the winners. Congratulations to Bocce Team Angeleno for their splendid performance and win!


The Powell property has been officially designated as a Century Farm . The Oregon Century Farm & Century Ranch Program is a statewide recognition program honoring farmers and ranchers who have worked the same land for at least 100 years.  You can still look over the original Oregon Trail parcel and enjoy the historic viewing of the eclipse.   You will enjoy the vista of the Marys Peak, at 4,097 feet, is the highest point in Oregon’s Coast Range and the most prominent peak to the west of Corvallis. Come and relax with us and enjoy this once in a lifetime event.



Would you like to experience this wonderful scenic paradise for you event?