Truly Special Experience

Linda, Thank you for a truly special experience this week around the eclipse! You made us more than feel we were at home. The event was great. We thought Garland Nursery grounds were really interesting with some spectacular views.

While the eclipse itself was amazing, we found there was an unexpected benefit from out trip to Corvallis. We got to meet and spend time with Lee and you. We wish you the best.

Karen and Bill Mason

Wonderful Eclipse Viewing Stage!

Linda:  Bocce Team Angeleno just wanted to reach out and thank you and Lee for providing the most wonderful Eclipse Viewing Stage anyone in the United States was privileged to enjoy within the Path of Totality. Your venue was ideal, the food and beverage yummy, the company divine, and the number of chips you must have called in to allow us to wallow in such perfect weather must have been – akin to Totality itself – mind-boggling. Perry and I have a burnished diamond of a memory to carry within us for the rest of our lives, and the hospitality you extended us will always be part of it.

With sincere thanks,  — Garry & Perry

(PS – Can you please email me a photo of our bocce triumph photo?)

Gary Fishman
Wally’s Wine and Spirits

Wonderful Event!

Hi Linda,

You are so sweet. I heard nothing but great things from your guests about your event.

Many of them commented on how “cute” Corvallis is and they ALL want to come back again 🙂

Warm regards,
Jennifer Beaumont
Area Sales Account Executive
The Hotel Group – Corvallis, OR

Thanks for everything!

Hi Linda,

Thanks for everything! You guys are my “All Time” favorite hosts. You and Lee worked so hard on this event and I know everyone had an amazing time. I would love to stay in touch with you folks.

As for my for my drive home, that was not such a great experience. It took me (if you can believe this) 12 hours to make it home. I should have listened to you and stayed over another night but I heard on the radio that they were expecting a second wave of traffic to hit today. Oh well, that’s just part of the overall experience, which I will always remember.

Thanks again for everything and I will be sure to send you some photos pf the eclipse once I edit them.


ODOT #Eclipse2017 update: June 9, 2017

Arrive early; stay put; leave late


Oregon could experience a cosmic traffic jam if one million people expected to travel into the path of totality to view the Aug. 21 eclipse in Oregon don’t properly plan ahead and come prepared.


Many Oregon state agencies, including ODOT, are working hard to help everyone be prepared.


All construction and non-emergency maintenance on state highways in the path of totality will be stopped Aug. 18-22, when eclipse watchers are here. Construction work could be curtailed in other parts of the state depending on traffic impact.


You should:


  • Help keep roads clear. Staying off the roads helps emergency service vehicles get through. Ride your bicycle when possible.
  • Travel with friends. Joining friends and family for the trip to totality will reduce the number of cars on the road. Find carpool information at
  • Meet your needs in advance. Take care of those errands before Aug. 21. Limit your trips in the days immediately around the eclipse to help keep roads clear.
  • Be prepared. If you’re traveling, plan for basic needs such as food, water and bathroom breaks. Plan to get to where you need to be before you need to go!
  • Expect traffic changes. Communities may close streets to through traffic or ban left or right turns to keep traffic moving, especially around large events.
  • Caution friends and family: If visitors are coming, warn them to #DriveHealthy: Arrive early, stay put during the eclipse, and leave late afterwards so everyone doesn’t jump on the highways all at once. All travelers have a shared responsibility to stay safe.
  • Consider working from home. Consider adjusting your work schedule in the days around the eclipse.

We’re all in this together! Be prepared; help your neighbors. And please be kind to our visitors.

For more information on #Eclipse2017, visit

For graphic simulations of the eclipse, watch